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Are you a go-getter who loves learning and taking on new challenges? Then apply for the Digital Ecoin graduate programme to start an exciting journey that will transform your professional life!

  • Knowledge of blockchain
  • Team communication
  • Experience in Android apps

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Back-end Development

We develop and fortify our website, platforms, and app architecture that power our users’ experience.

Global Partnerships

We conceptualise and implement creative marketing solutions to help our business grow.

Cyber Security & IT

We support all the teams in our organisation to achieve our goals without roadblocks and hiccups.

Customer Support

about providing helpful solutions to our clients to make their trading experience with us even better.

Trading Operations

We work behind the scenes to make sure trading operations are functioning as they should.

Project Management

We take care of collaboration details to ensure that projects are completed in a timely, efficient manner.

Life at Digital Ecoin